Liver Cleansing Foods for More Energy, Great Skin and Weight Loss

Liver cleansing foods, liver supplements and natural liver cleanses.

Liver Cleansing Foods Teas Herbs and Tonics

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Liver Cleansing Foods are everywhere. This site is dedicated to helping you cleanse your liver by choosing foods, teas, herbs and tonics know as liver cleansers.

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Let’s Get Started

The foods you eat have an enormous impact on your liver; one of your body’s most important organs for good health.

It’s important you remove toxins from body and organs regularly.

Your liver’s ability to eliminate toxins and with a healthy liver diet has a direct effect on your weight, how you look and feel, your energy levels and skin condition from acne to anti aging.

The liver’s your prinicpal internal filtering and detoxing system by removing toxic waste and cleansing chemicals, heavy metal detoxification, alcolhol, drugs and dead cells out of your system.

You play a dangerous game with your life and your health if you fail to use liver cleansing diets, colon cleansing herbs, gall bladder cleanses and liver cleansing foods to detox using anything you can; juicing, raw vegetables, detox diets, herbs, detox baths, teas or anti-smoking plans.

Detox your liver using one or a combination of cleansing programs and the benefits will flow to you as weight loss cleansing, increased metabolism, better heart and lung function, anti aging, improved muscle tone, no constipation or hemorrhoids.

In fact the list of diseases you won’t get is more impressive than the things you will get if you look after your liver. Detox your liver and you won’t get;

1. cirrhosis.

2. cancer

3. heavy metal poisoning

4. gall stones

5. diabetes

6. obesity

This sounds depressing if you didn’t know that you can regrow your liver and reverse previous damage. It just takes time, patience and a plan.

The liver is the body’s largest internal organ weighing between three and four pounds. It digests fat, stores glycogen for energy, metabolize protein, stores vitamins A, D, K, B12 and folate and synthesizes blood clotting factors; in total over 500 different functions.

Yes, it’s important.

More Ideas To Keep To Healthy

A healthy liver means more energy, weight loss, radiant skin and a better functioning immune system. The wrong foods and substances places enormous pressure on the liver, bowel and colon until the liver and surrounding organs such as the bowel and colon become too overloaded to detoxify your system efficiently if at all. You become toxic; storing toxins in your internal cells and organs instead of eliminating them. The very organs that are trying to protect, cleanse and detoxify you can’t do their job.

But it gets worse and life becomes a series of compromises we blame on aging, stress and our over addicted needy sugar levels.

A diet of over processed foods laced with a cocktail of chemicals, moulds (more than one day old foods), fertilizers, hormones and preservatives over years causes the liver to make you fat and ugly.

If your body can’t eliminate, cleanse and detox toxins fast enough the liver’s back up plan is to do it later when it has more time. In the short term the body stores the toxins in cells it has access to, then it create new cells, stores excess toxins and surrounds them with fat until it can eliminate them. Continue eating the same way and that day never comes.

And you wonder why your weight won’t budge or you have cellulite. You’re body is under stress. No matter how much weight you try to lose or how many creams you buy for your cellulite your body must hold on to these ‘toxic’ cells to protect your organs from toxic overload. Your liver is exhausted trying to digest everything; too much sugar, fat, dairy, salt, alcohol, preservatives, hormones, fertilizers and pesticides. But will you stop buying, eating and choosing the wrong foods? Don’t be ridiculous.

Add to this internal concoction an external brew of air conditioning, pollution and lifestyle stress from family, work and bills which are now considered ‘normal’. You’re tired, irritable, impatient, frustrated and often short fused. Sleep isn’t refreshing; it’s an escape and you’re fighting off the latest round of cold or flu. Painkillers and antibiotics mask the cause. Expand this scenario over a few years and your immune system weakens, leaving you exposed to chronic degenerative diseases. You’re angry; but not as angry as your liver.

And what lies under all the fatigue, weight, cellulite? Poison. That’s why cleansing and supporting the liver is so important.

Here’s What You Can Do

The good news is that in most cases liver damage is reversible. Choosing fresh produce without pesticides, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics or coloring agents will lighten the body’s toxic load on the liver. Stay away from processed and prepackaged foods whenever possible, even if it’s for a few days or weeks at a time to give your liver a much needed rest. And always try to eat organic, local and in season produce.

Stimulants including alcohol, sugar, coffee, tea, cigarettes and other ‘substances’ must be eliminated. I can hear the screams all across the globe now. So, be kind to yourself. Even if you take only one thing out of your diet for days, a week or weeks and then rotate with something else on your list you’ll get into the habit of eliminating and that’s the first step to detoxing on a regular basis.

When you can add more things to your list; do it. And if you need help, see a practitioner who can give you support and achievable goals. Don’t sabotage yourself. It’s not meant to be hard. But old habits can be difficult to unwind especially after ten to more years. And addictions never want to leave. Maybe you should try some hypnosis or acupuncture to change the way you think or feel about the process to make it easy on yourself. What ever you do something. Even one thing occasionally is better than not trying at all.

The liver has two detoxification pathways; Phase One and Phase Two. To complete each phase successfully the liver needs help; specific vitamins, minerals, nutrients called phytochemicals and amino acids. Most of these are in food; that’s why the quality of your food is important. The foods you choose have an undeniable impact on your liver’s cleansing or detoxing experience.

Phase One changes toxic chemicals to less harmful ones. Free radicals are unstable particles that damage the body’s cells including the liver. To eradicate or lessen these free radicals, our bodies need foods with high levels of antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamins C and E, and selenium, Vitamin B including folic acid and phytochemicals found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Antioxidants help to limit the damage caused by free radicals. They cleanse and heal the liver.

One of the most important antioxidants is an amino acid called glutathione; found in some foods and produced by the body.

1. Beets contain antioxidants beta-carotene, carotenoids, flavonoids and folic acid.
2. Broccoli contains B vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid.
3. Brown Rice provides B vitamins and the antioxidant selenium.
4. Carrots contain beta-carotene and carotenoids to protect the liver.
5. Eggs supply B vitamins.
6. Garlic has antioxidants selenium and glutathione.
7. Spinach provides folic acid and other B vitamins.
8. Tomatoes contain vitamins C and E and the antioxidant lycopene.
9. Wheatgerm contains selenium, vitamin E and phytochemicals.
10. Melons and peppers are good sources of vitamin C.
11. Tomatillos, papaya, plantains, carambola and guava contain antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C.

During Phase Two the liver adds a substance to the less harmful chemical making it water soluble so it can leave the body in urine or feces. Phase Two need foods rich in sulphur compounds such as brussel sprouts, cabbage and broccoli.

1. Broccoli and Cabbage contain natural sulfur compounds.
2. Eggs contain methionine, a sulfur-containing compound.
3. Brazil Nuts contain antioxidant selenium.
4. Garlic has methionine, a sulfur-containing compound and glutathione.
5. Onions have sulfur compounds and glutathione.
6. Asparagus and Watermelon are rich, natural sources of glutathione.
7. Papaya and Avocado help the body to produce glutathione.
8. Mushrooms have glutamic acid to produce glutathione.

1. Soy Beans contain lecithin which the liver uses to break down fats and reduce high cholesterol levels.
2. Cayenne Pepper aids digestion. It contains phytochemicals beta-carotene and lutein and rich in B vitamins, vitamins C and E.
3. Lemon is a bitter, acidic food which cleanses the body.
4. Walnuts contain arginine which detoxifies ammonia, a waste product in the body and rich in glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids.
5. Wheatgerm has arginine and essential fatty acids.
6. Caraway Seeds contains antioxindants flavanoids and carotenoids and helps produce glutathione.
7. Sprouts are rich in minerals and alkalise the body. Grow your own; they’re too easy.
8. Jerusalem and Globe Artichokes reduce blood levels of fats, cholesterol and fatty livers. They contain insulin that assists good bacteria in the digestive system and repair and regenerate the liver.
9. Broccoli/cabbage/brussels sprouts/turnip allow the liver to excrete oestrogen reducing risk of breast cancer.
10. Kale contains nutrients, vitamin C and minerals and has more calcium than milk.
11. Dandelion a natural diuretic is good for kidneys, liver and improves weight loss. Add to a salad or cook with greens. The root is sold as a coffee alternative in stores.
12. Fennel prevents flatulence and colic, improves digestion reducing the liver’s work-load.
13. Garlic has greater benefits than any other vegetable or culinary herb. It supports the immune system, is antibacterial, antiviral, protects against cancer, lowers cholesterol, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, good for your heart and eliminates toxic metals.
14. Onions/leeks are like garlic but less potent; they can reduce tumour growth.
15. Parsley rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids and other trace minerals reduces fluid retention and blood pressure.
16. Radish stimulates digestion and liver function.
17. Watercress is rich in vitamin A and sulphur.

1. Fresh fruits and lightly cooked vegetables especially dark green, leafy vegetables and orange, yellow, purple, and red colored fruits and vegetables. These contain living enzymes, fiber, vitamin C, natural antibiotic substances, and anti-cancer phytonutrients.
2. Foods rich in glutathione such as asparagus, watermelon, broccoli or foods that assist glutathione production such papayas and avocados.
3. Bitter foods like dandelion greens, mustard greens, bitter melon, Romaine lettuce and broccoli raabe.
4. Herbs like dill, caraway seeds, garlic, onions, boldo, turmeric and cayenne protect the liver.
5. Green tea.
6. Water (6–12 cups a day) helps the kidneys eliminate toxins the liver has broken down.
7. Omega-3 fats found in cold water fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, halibut, ground flax seeds, flax seed oil and walnuts.
8. Nuts, seeds, and avocados are good sources of polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats that are less harmful than saturated fats.

Once you have detoxed your body you must decide; change your habits or keep stressing your liver.

1. Eliminate or limit high saturated fat meats like sausage, bacon, salami, hot dogs and high fat dairy products like whole milk, ice cream and cheese. They’re not worth it, get rid of them.
2. Eliminate or strictly limit high saturated fats found in snack foods like french fries, potato chips, Doritos and Cheese Doodles.
3. Limit processed foods like white bread, white rice, cakes, cookies, donuts and candy. Replace with whole grains in whole grain breads and cereals, brown rice, quinoa and barley.
4. Limit caffeine to 2-3 cups/day or better still eliminate from your diet. Caffeine is broken down by the liver and may make it more difficult to cleanse the liver. Coffee, tea and most sodas contain a lot of caffeine.
5. Eat light meals more frequently. Eating a light evening meal can help to reduce the liver’s work during the healing hours of sleep.

If your detoxing program is not working as well as you think it should consider accelerating the process with juices, vitamins, supplements, teas and herbs well known for their liver assisting qualities. Be careful not to self medicate; you want to help yourself not create more problems and at all times seek out a reputable practitioner in your area.

Check this website regularly for the latest news on liver, bowel and colon detox foods and diets.

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